DreamLeaf LLC is a modern company focused on health awareness, technological advancements and progressive scientific research.

DreamLeaf’s journey started with Ayman’s struggle with weight gain and chronic back pain and weight as soon as he moved to the United States despite being healthy and sporty.

Mr. Ayman started digging for the reasons behind this alarming shift in his wellness to discover that most edibles, medicines and consumer products such as clothing and shoes offered by manufacturers to consumers in the United States are made of petroleum byproducts and harmful chemicals. Growing up in Egypt between the fields and plants, Ayman insisted on finding the solution.

With the loss of his uncle to lung cancer, his research led him to Hemp and its unlimited possibilities, namely, its medicinal properties related to cancer treatment, supplementing immune system, nutritional value and other capabilities of equal importance such as energy uses, biodegradable plastic (hemp plastic) and plant based building material to create a zero carbon and completely natural solutions in DreamLeaf.

DreamLeaf is on a mission to use 100% natural ingredients and packaging and to present alternative natural solution in foods, energy and more.

DreamLeaf, a way of life…