Frequently asked questions

Hemp is one of the oldest crops known to humanity. Hemp can be found in India, Europe and around the world. Hemp was used as a building material and a medicine by our ancestors. Today, we rediscover its possibilities using modern technology. Therapeutic and nutritional uses, biodegradable plastic and a building material, biofuels and more.

CBD is a naturally occurring organic compound in hemp offering great therapeutic potential. CBD is one of many cannabinoids found in hemp, however, numerous scientific studies indicated that CBD possesses the greatest benefit of all cannabinoids.

Unlike THC, CBD is a nonpsychative ingredient that does not make you feel “high”, however, it allows you to enjoy the medicinal benefit of the cannabis plant without interfering with your daily activities.

Our CBD is derived from hemp plant and is THC free!

Hemp CBD is completely LEGAL in all 50 States and US territories as well as many countries of the world.

According to VA 2015, cc. 158, 180; 2016, cc. 61, 170 and much more, hemp and its products are completely legal!

Studies, patents and FDA approved studies and medicines show that CBD has significant antioxidant, nutritional and neuroprotective properties, suggesting great potential of therapeutic benefits.

Hemp is high in CBD and contains less than 0.3 THC which is the legal limit, meaning hemp is legal and you can not get “high” from hemp.

Marijuana is high in THC and low in CBD. CBD is a neuro-active component while THC is a psychoactive component.